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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Which Producer Is The Worst Rapper?

More of my my pull no punches style of journalism that you are gonna love for the honesty and attention to detail or hate because im bashing some of your heroes. Heres the latest enjoy the ride! All praise and hate hit the comments, all welcome as long as on topic and not spam!

Candidate #1 – Swizz Beatz
Made a name for himself as the inhouse producer for the Ruff Ryders with big hits like DMX Ruff Ryders Anthem and Down Bottom came back for the new millennium with hot tracks like On The Next One by Jay-Z but he took to rapping on some of his projects and it was uneven to say the least. Please stick to being behind the board Swizz #Swiss Beats - One Man Band CD
Candidate #2 – Timbaland
His track record of Hits ranges from Aaliyah, Jay-Z, Ginuwine, Missy to pop acts like Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado and too many more to name. Hes been absolutely killer by starting trends and never following them. Hes the guy i wish Michael Jackson wouldve worked with to update his sound, Over the last 15 years hes been one of the most successful but as a rapper, he sounds like a kid who just wrote his first rhyme - in that its simplistic, doesn’t make sense and its all over the place. Awful is too good of a word, please give those beats to a real rapper and be like Quincy Jones who produces or arranges but doesnt try to sing or rap. #Timbaland - Shock Value 2
Candidate #3 – P-Diddy
He used to know his limits in the beginning if you want to be on the track, just pull a Kirk Franklin and add punch lines within the song backing up the lead vocalist, that way you get shine too, get to be in the video but not having to actually write and memorize any rhymes. This formula changed in 1996 when he did a duet song with Mase “Cant Hold Me Down” which became a big double platinum hit, and he got bold, and kept using ghost writers, to pin him lyrics, and got away with it on posse cuts but as a solo artist it was forgettable like his Forever CD. As a producer that’s stretching the truth as hes been over crediting himself for years for other peoples work but that’s the music business. #Diddy - No Way Out 1997

(I cant rap but I still try anyway)
p diddy greek
Candidate #4 – Mannie Fresh
In house track star behind the late 90’s success of the Hot Boys camp. Under his belt classic bangers like Back That A Up, Bling Bling, and Get Your Roll On with virtually every new song a derivative of Trigger Man (Drag Rap) considering that the Boys sound at the time was over the top materialistic bragging about how rich they were, his simple tales of consumerism got him by but he definitely had no hip hop quotables in the source and in this new decade I haven’t heard much from Manny but hes still here check out #Mannie Fresh - Return Of The Ballin 2009

Candidate #5 – Pete Rock
In the early 90’s he was the NY guy people went to for those jazzy beats, with a catalog with They Reminsense Over You with CL Smooth, The World Is Yours for Nas and Down With The King for Run-DMC. But (theres always a but) he sounded disjointed and offbeat when he tried to grab the mic it was a disaster waiting to happen like his verse on Heavy D’s Don’t Curse Single (1991) a track that Pete produced himself. Get his best album were he doesnt rap and leaves that to a real rapper with #Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Mecca And The Soul Brother

Saturday, July 3, 2010

50 Cent Disses P Diddy. Calls Him A No Talent Blood Sucker!

Heres Fiddy running off at the mouth dissing Rick Ross. That is nothing new, he seems to have a hard dick about exposing Ross The Boss and his fakeness. Going from working in a correctional facility to taking on the persona of a Miami Drug Kingpin. Thats old news but for Fif to so openly diss Diddy is a surprise, I havent seen him take on such a big fish but hes telling the truth that nobody has the balls or the clout to back up. And that is that Diddy is a punk ass nigga. 50 calls him Blood Sucker 2 mins and 30 seconds in were he says he sucks the blood out of his artist. what artist exist AFTER there interaction with him? and you know you are right. I think of the careers of Black Rob, Carl Thomas, Gdep, Cassie, 112, Total or whoever you name, Post Bad Boy there career is in the toilet. Even the reality making the band shows are just a self serving tool for Diddy, every season a brand new bunch of young pups to exploit for the show and its not about the band, its about DIDDY, and then the show I want to work for DIddy. It makes you want to puke. 50 may not put out the hits anymore but he still speaks the truth and says what others dont have the stones to say! #Click To Play If Embed Fails

(50 and Diddys Best Work)
50 cent and diddy puffy no way out

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Really Bad Mc’s That You Secretly Love

When I say Bad. I dont mean bad meaning good, i mean bad meaning bad. This is an independent blog and i dont have to kiss up to nobody so heres my honest opinion on rappers that aint all that great but still made a career out of it anyway! No punches pulled but a lot of humor included!

Project Pat
His name is way more than appropriate because his subject matter is as hood as it gets. He has a flow that is very suspect, and he seems to over accentuate every syllable sounding like a slow kid spelling at a spelling bee. His affiliation with the Three 6 Mafia obviously helped kept him afloat because hip hop stardom isn’t on his own merit.
As half of Capone and Noreaga in the 90s they were keepers of underground Ny concrete hip hop and as a solo artist with no Cap to bounce off he kept the party going with a ton of help with new super producers the Neptunes. The result was the Hip Hop Classic Super Thug (The What, What Song) a track so banging he didn’t matter what he said. The last time I saw NORE he had got dropped from Def Jam, gained a ton of weight, relocated to Miami , and  released a Ragaee-Ton album that tanked like Cement Blocks.
He hasn’t been taken seriously as an musical artist since 1992 with his Body Count project but hes a legend because hes a pioneer of the west coast rap craze that literally murdered hip-hop in the late 80’s and early 90’s, his appearances in the Breakin movies and his classic underground 6 In the Morning influenced all gangsta hits after it. Now at 51 years old (yes hes that old) no one is paying him to rhyme but hes a real OG hustler with a back up plan which is acting and appearing in B-movies for free in exchange for a cut of the DVD rental gross.
There was no secret to his hits use strong 70’s funk samples and repackage it with up to date slang such as Fanatastic Voyage adding a rap to the classic Lakeside funk jam and Gangstas Paradise jacking Stevie Wonders underrated symphony Past Times Paradise (from his Songs In The Key Of Life Album). His luck ran out by the late 90’s and he hasn’t done much on the chart sense but you would recognize him if you saw him.
Really simple rhymes but with they type of sh talking voice you usually only hear from a comedian. Coming out of Seattle He was the most unlikely Rap star to come out especially 25 years ago when New York was king. He would’ve been lost to history if it wasn’t for his smash hit Baby Got Back. A song that was way ahead of its time in terms was considered attractive in the female backside with women left in right getting boo injections to get that JLO and Beyonce Bondonka. The role model for hotness for mainsteam ie white girl hotness used to be thin starving chicks like Kate Moss. So I want to thank Mixalot for being a pioneer for the new trend of bootylicious backsides.
The country grammar rap star had a lot success out gate starting in late 1999 with a slew of hits with the grammar track, Ride With Me, E.I with his brand of sing songy nursery rhyme hooks. I personally thought he would be a one hit wonder but it seems that his above average athleticism on MTV rock and jock shows put him higher on the radar. He torched the charts in 2003 going #1 with his duet with Kelly Rowland “Delimma” and “Hot In Here” ( loosely based on Charles Browns Go-Go hit Bustin Loose) He did all of this before cooling off in 2007 when people stopped listening and looking back on him he seemed to be more of the new Hammer. A good energetic entertainer but not much of a skills rapper. Nas from Illmatic this aint, good time party rap with hooks and a few catches phrases and it worked for nearly 8 years.
Soulja Boy
Im just assuming that he came out so young that he hasn’t had a chance to develop as an artist, most people thought he would be a one hit wonder and his contribution to rap would be what Chubby Checker was to old time rock n roll, A #1 novelty hit. He was the first rapper born in the 1990’s to have a hit, and im hoping his success it’s a microcosm of whats to come other 90's baby rappers!

shawty low

Shawty Lo
Like his fellow slow southern rapper Plies Shawty has some really dope beats behind him. However his limited style is too amateurish to call it flow, with all the talent in ATL I was really surprised that he became a rap star and after being involved with DFL on there retarded hit Laffy Taffy i thought no one would take him seriously as a rapper beyond that novelty but somehow he got it to work.
Young Jeezy
In 2005 he had school kids walking around with his snow man shirts and it probably went over the heads of school administrators that didnt know what it meant. 90% of Jeezys material seems to be focused on the drug game. That’s not new but if done well it can be compelling entertainment. When it comes to drug rap lyrics his skill level isn’t anywhere near the  class of Scarface or BUN B, as a matter of fact not even up to the level of Rick Ross. (office Ricky) says he is his generations Eazy-E. I can agree with that.
He gives hope to every grimey grilled street crack dealer hope that they to can be a rap star. His flow is so slow it makes legendary rapper Too Short sound like Twista in comparison and the subject is limited to bricks and bitches. If you want clever rhymes about slanging crack youd be better served playing songs like 10 Crack Commandments. Plies is giving you nothing new and hes breaking no new ground on how to say it either. I admit his beats are very hot, whos ever doing the producing is top tier but his delivery isn’t.
Now that ive probably put somebodies favorite rapper on blast feel free to hit up the comments reply with your hate.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why Are There So Many Lil's In The Rap Game!

I guess the rationale for the over abundance of the name Little (lil) is you are not very creative in thinking of a name you just say to yourself my name is Jon and Im was Jon Jr or i was extremely short compared to my peers therefore im Lil Jon, or Lil Wayne etc. The list goes on and on ad nauseum of the overuse, if i hear of another rapper or singer coming out with the name Lil im going to scream! can you guys come up with something else here is a very short list!

LIL JON............(Yeah! What! Ok. - Atlanta area producer/crunk maestro)
LIL WAYNE..........(or just weezy! New Orleans by way of ATL by way of Miami raps Hot guy)
LIL KIM............(AKA the Queen B - By way of Brooklyn 4"12 rapper and dancer with thes stars)
LIL BOOSIE.........(Baton Rouge, LA born rapper big hit in 2007 with Wipe Me Down)
LIL SCRAPPY........(ATL born rapper. Not doing much these days that Ive heard)
LIL CEASE..........(Biggies Bedstuy protege from Jr Mafia learned no rap skills from d mentor)
LIL FLIP...........(dude is like 6"4 you aint little. Houston Texas reppin)
LIL J..............(ATL: now known as Young Jeezy which reminds i can do a whole young overuse)
LIL BOW WOW.........(Columbus,OH discovered by snoop dropped the lil by has outgrown the name)
LIL MAMA...........(Harlem NY, 1 hit with Lip Gloss got great gig judge on Americas Dance Crew)
LIL KEKE...........(Houston Texas part of the screwed up click no hits i can name now)
LIL ROMEO..........(son of Master P you know the story probably better at B-ball than rapping)
LIL ZANE...........(ATL rapper whos career faded quick released a 2008 that you didnt hear)
LIL O...............(Another Screwked Up Click rapper that never got big)
LIL 1/2 DEAD........(Long beach rapper from Death Row days cousin of Nate Dogg)

(damn weezy can you chill with the tats man?)
lil wayne tattoos

and thats just a short list!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Young Money Poster Boy! Life Is Good For Drake!

drake youngmoneyThis Canadian born rapper/singer has had one of the fastest rises In the history of hiphop and as of this writing hes been famous for nearly 2 years and finally  released his full length album, he got a ton of traction from his EP and according to Sources its pushed 300,000 units. In a depressed music market, that 300 grand is big numbers for what basically is a glorified mixtape. Drake has kept his shine going by guest appearing on tracks like Trey Songs I Evented, Alcia Keys The Unthinkable and of course his association with Young Money. At press time the numbers are not yet in on the first week of his sells for his first full LP release Thank Me Later, but if does over 500,000 the first week that will be a major number. Lets face the only rappers to move platinum after 2005 have been Jay-Z, Weezy, T.I, Ludacris, Eminem, and Kanye. In 1998 it was common for 25 different rap acts to do a million in a single year but today you will be lucky to see 2-3 at most in a calendar year So Drake would be joining elite company with a disc thats certain to go over 1 milli but the first week is like a movie release everyone wants to know how well it did.
For old heads like myself Drake first became known nationally when he got love from Jaime Foxx who was hosting the 2009 BET awards. He pointed Yung Drake out the audience stating Drake you hot right now and don’t even have an album out yet! YM’s performance that night singing a not so clean version of Fucking every Girl with underage girls on stage (and on a night honoring Michael Jackson was clearly in bad taste) but that’s another subject.

drake thank me later review

So what makes Drake hot? I admit that his first big Hit “The Best I Ever Had” is a catchy fresh track but is it enough to make him an instant A lister. I guess that’s true if you get scooped up Weezy and put down with his crew. If you got friends like the most famous rapper alive backing you, its hard to mess this up. Some like myself are thinking that this has something to do with the Light Skinned pretty cool complex coming back! Drake could be a mix of Al B Sure (and  offkey harmony corrected with audiotune) mixed with forgotten rapper Candy Man who rode the strength of Betty Wright’s Tonights The Night for a early 90’s hit called Knocking Boots. (not to be confused with H-Towns hit) So im afraid that the success of Drake is a harbinger of the return of the light skin lover 2.0 because you know record labels are copycats looking for there version of the next Drake.
Like the success of NWA shouting Compton in the late 80’s it didn’t take long for DJ Quik was born in raised in Compton and a group called CMW (Comptons most Wanted) and then on and on. This Drake pheBest of Luck to Dizzle, will we be talking about him in 15 years 15 months or is he at the end of his 15 minutes? His new squeeze model/groupie Miliah Michele Hopes so or shes picked the wrong horse.

Sad but true this dropped unintentionally on September 11th and became an instant classic, proving that Hova was out to crush the whole decade as the top dog in the rap biz. A breakout not just for him but put Kanye West on the map being the producer of about 80% of the tracks here, the other 20% Just Blaze. The Diss Record The Takeover, Izzo, Song Cry and Eminem duo with Renegades. One of the few albums of any format in the decade that you could play non stop without hitting the fast forward button. #DRAKE - THANK ME LATER CD

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Guru of Gangstarr Dies At 43! A legend passes away!

guru dead
I didnt even know he was sick so This was a shock to hear that the Guru was gone. The stereotype is that rappers die from a hail of bullets but this killer was from Cancer. My first moment hearing Gangstarr and there jazz influenced style i was impressed. This wasnt a duo interested in going pop like Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince or trying to be sexy to appeal to the ladies like LL Cool J and Big Daddy Kane were into, The Gangstar was into straight up street level, timbo wearing head bashing beat inspired with jazz hooks and scratches. The Gurus casual flow and DJ Primos crushing beats delivered critical acclaimed album after album and even spinning off Jeru Tha Damaja with his hip hop Classic Come Clean. the tracks from the Gang will live forever among true hip hop fans that hated commercial rap they were heroes. with Just to Get A rep, Suckers need Body guards, Dwyck with Nice and Smooth, Whos Going To Take The Weight. One of the few 80's rap groups from NYC that survived the early 90's West Coast barrage and remainded consistently popular. And his DJ the ever relentless Primo created classics for Biggie Smalls With Unbelievable and Kick In The Door. Rest in Peach Guru you will be missed.
#Mass Appeal The Best Of Gangstarr